Wellness Chiropractic Care:

Get healthy and stay healthy

Certain lifestyles and habits have a way of undoing the progress made during your last chiropractic appointment. For long-term wellness, Caring Hands Chiropractic will work with you to create an ongoing schedule of treatment, customized to your individual needs, to keep your body in the best shape of your life.

Regular visits are the proactive approach to taking care of your body, which is why many of our patients incorporate chiropractic care into their personal care or sports training routines.

After an initial consultation to get to know your body and health needs, we will begin mapping out your sessions ahead of time. This planning allows us to not only proactively manage pain and prevent further injuries, it also helps you build a body that flows more freely and with greater strength, making you better able to do the things you love.

While we offer a wide range of body alignment support, some bodies require a more elaborate strengthening or healing process. For these patients, we work closely with other healthcare providers in Denver to recommend the best blend of services to achieve your individual goals. Visit our Wellness Partners page to meet our close friends in the Denver health community.


Prepayment Plan Options:

Many of our wellness patients take advantage of our prepayment plan to schedule appointments once every three to four weeks. The plan allows you to enjoy a fixed set of services each prepaid month.

We accept HSA payments and are happy to write a Letter of Medical Necessity to give to your HSA provider. And, though coverage varies from provider to provider, we also accept insurance payments where coverage includes chiropractic care.

And remember, we are open on Saturdays to make it more convenient for you to schedule recurring treatment.

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