Chiropractic Care for Teenagers and Students:

Alleviate your teen’s back pain

Puberty is a turbulent time, both physically and emotionally. As the body grows and changes, both muscles and spine can fall out of alignment. This bodily pain can exacerbate the emotional toll of puberty, making yours and your teen’s life that much more trying.

It doesn’t help that teens, whether in sports or just goofing with friends, throw their bodies around more recklessly than adults. Though they may shrug off that hit during the soccer match or the fall while snowboarding, their ballet recital or marching band concert, these stresses are proportionally as violent on their young bodies as a car crash for an adult. And have you seen the non-ergonomic desks they sit in at school? And those 60 lb. book bags?

Dr. Bill helps those undergoing puberty, from age 12 through their early 20s, correct misalignments and recover from stresses placed upon their musculoskeletal systems. And thanks to his gentle adjusting technique no new stresses are placed upon them either. Through Dr. Bill’s careful manipulation, greater strength and freedom of movement can be unlocked, for better performance in whatever their endeavor.

Where the need exists, Dr. Bill may also recommend other wellness practices, such as massage or yoga.

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Special Rates for Kids and Students

Balancing and fine-tuning the musculoskeletal system of young people should not be seen as a luxury. If the body’s building blocks are off now, how can they be expected to properly grow into a healthy adulthood?

At Caring Hands Chiropractic, we offer special rates on adjustments for kids and college students—provided they produce a valid college ID—because nothing should keep young people from becoming the best and healthiest version of themselves.

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