Bones’ Corner

Chiropractic Care for Dog-Owners, A Message from Bones:

Dr. Bill takes good care of his body, but he can’t anticipate everything, like when a squirrel is going to run past when we’re out walking. I can’t help myself: a dog’s gotta give chase. And boy do I give him a jolt when I hit the end of my tether.

Even a simple walk without a dog (which, by the way, is blasphemy), requires stretching afterwards to maintain healthy balance and alignment. All my jerking at the end of the leash, not to mention his stooping to pick up my doo and petting other dogs (JEALOUS!), only exacerbates the impact of the walk on Dr. Bill.

We dogs are great, but sometimes taking care of us can be ruff on a body. If your dog is putting your body through the ringer, just give Dr. Bill a call. He knows exactly where it hurts.

The Life of a Dog

I was born just outside of Kansas City. Dr. Bill and I met on the Internet, and eight weeks later, I saw him for the first time when he picked me up at Baggage Claim.

We went straight from there to a cocktail party, and have been hanging ever since. It took me awhile to train him, but he listens pretty well.

I enjoy coming to the office every day and can be a good icebreaker for new patients. I promise to work hard to put a smile on your face – did you know that petting an animal actually de-stresses many people? Plus, it’s better than reading an old magazine.

If someone is not comfortable around dogs, please let Dr. Bill know and he’ll gate me off. After one or two visits, however, most people overcome their fear and come over to say hello.

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