Dr. William Haas

billDenver Chiropractic Specialist

Dr. Bill opened Caring Hands Chiropractic in Denver in 1998. He believes that the best chiropractic care comes from providing outstanding attention and listening to each patient for a complete understanding of their needs and goals. Each person that comes to Dr. Bill will have unique circumstances and should be treated as an individual.

His knowledge and understanding of how the body functions enables him to work with each person to achieve optimal results whether it’s to become a better athlete or boost everyday activities. Dr. Bill administers care with a gentle approach by incorporating muscle balance, tension release and manipulations. He doesn’t want his patients to feel like just a file in an office building so he chooses to practice out of an old Victorian home to establish a relaxing, nostalgic atmosphere and make his patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Bill was born and raised in New Jersey, just outside NYC and obtained his Chiropractic Degree at Life University. He enjoys helping others obtain a better quality of life by relieving pain and discomfort so you can get back to cycling, skiing, walking, gardening, or just having fun.

The choice to become a Chiropractor came from a personal experience. He and his parents had a love for ice-skating but a sudden fall involving him and his mother resulted in her being taken away in an ambulance. For 10 years, his mom was in the hospital for back pain and medication. Frustrated, his father took her to a chiropractor against the MD’s wishes. The doctor described chiropractors as “Voodoo quacks”, saying they were very dangerous and would not be able to help but after one treatment, she was finally able to walk. Ever since, she has received regular preventive care and has not been in the hospital or on medication for back pain.Member of Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Bill believes life is an adventure and should be lived that way! He enjoys challenging himself and some of his favorite activities include cycling, traveling, teaching spin classes, attending yoga and gymnastic classes and volunteering. Giving back to the community is important part of who is and he is always willing to help anyone who wants to get involved. He enjoys Denver’s mountains but still has not found any restaurant in Colorado that can cook Italian food like his mom!


Proud Member of the Denver Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
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